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The 12th annual "Twig Archery" Invitational 2010 took place on Saturday, August 28th.  The Invitational is a customer appreciation day of fun, food & festivities! 

The morning started out with the 30 shooters attending the Invitational shooting the 30 target range at Twig. When everyone got back from shooting a nice covered dish lunch was enjoyed by all.  Thanks to all that brought a covered dish.  Special thanks to Don Kasner & Beverly Christianer for bringing and preparing a great fresh fish fry.  It is a favorite and something everyone looks forward to for lunch!!! Next on the days events was the "Chicken Friday" shoot off.   Those participating in the shoot off were: Randy Corder, Glenn Anderson, Jim West, Levi Arnold & Brandon Simmerman (absent was Brian Treen.)  Levi Arnold claimed the victory with a 65 yard shot hitting the chicken target.  He was awarded a Twig gift certificate. 

The top 5 shooters from the 30 target  shoot then went out on the range to compete in the "Final Five" championship.  Those shooters making the cut for the Final Five were:  Craig Smalley, Randy Corder, Glenn Anderson, Tom Smalley, & Jim West.  (Luke Shaw & Jim West turned in a tie score for 5th place.  Jim West won the shoot off to win the 5th place to be able to shoot in the Final Five.)   After a great battle Randy Corder came out victorious.  Randy is no stranger to being a Final Five champion.  He took honors in the  first ever Twig Invitational in 1999- winning again in 2001, 2003 and 2010.  As Final Five Champion, Randy had the choice of a dozen arrows or a Twig "Green Jacket" as well as getting his name on the Twig Invitational Championship Plaque. 

As the day progressed, attendees had a chance to chronograph their bows.  Keith Hill demonstrated string making. 

Another favorite event was the Elk Longshot Contest.  Five stakes set at approximately 100, 90, 80,70, & 60 yards from the Elk target.  You shot the 5 stakes and the person with the highest single round was the winner.  After many, many rounds- shooting into the dusk hours of the evening, the champion of the Elk Longshot and the Deer Longshot was Luke Shaw.   For winning the Elk Longshot he took home 1/2 the pot which was $93.00!! He also won a Twig gift certificate for the Deer Longshot.

The day closed with a balloon shooting contest on the practice range. 

Everyone had a great day of Traditional Archery with friends.

Twig Invitational History:

John & Gayle Christianer at Twig Archery started the annual Invitational back in 1999 as a customer appreciation day to thank customers for their support of our business.  It was a HUGE success and we continued the event for the past 12 years. 

We want to take this opportunity to thank ALL of our customers; local, national, & international for their continued support of Twig Archery through the years since we began in 1988.  We consider you not only as customers, but friends.  We have enjoyed talking to you all on the phone, or meeting you in person at any shows we have attended.   We are a custom traditional archery business and continue to focus on quality instead of quantity.  We truly care about each order that leaves our store. 

We hope you like our new online store.

Our wish is that you:


Gayle & John Christianer

Levi Arnold Chicken Friday Winner
Levi Arnold Chicken Friday Winner


Twig Invitational 2010 Attendees!

Twig Invitational 2010 !


Gayle Christianer Gives Tom Smalley his T-Shirt Prize

Gayle Christianer Gives Tom Smalley His T-Shirt Prize


Randy Corder Twig Champion 2010

Twig Champion 2010


The Final Five

(L) Glenn Anderson, Jim West, Randy Corder, Craig Smalley, Tom Smalley

The Final Five


Randy Corder Giving Julie Gosdanian His Thoughts

Randy Corder Giving Julie Gosdanian his thoughts


Capri Retrieved Beverly's Arrow from the Lake

Capri Retrieved Beverly's Arrow from the lake


Irish Tests his Bow with Chronograph

Irish Test Bow with Chronograph


Luke Shaw Elk and Deer Longshot Champion

Elk & Deer Longshoot Champion